Most days you can find me working from home in my sweatpants, with my two giant Goldendoodles, Cash and Waylon, snuggled next to me.

I am a wife to my hottie of a husband, Jaran. (We are high school sweethearts, and have been together for like 1000 years.) We moved to Nashville together in 2011, from the icy cold state of Minnesota.

I am a wedding photographer, a lover of all things interior design, DIY-er, extrovert, and tequila connoisseur. Quality time is definitely my love language, so you will often find me spending time with those I love deeply.

We only have one life, and I believe in making it count and keeping it real; even if that means making a fool of myself. I am known for always having a smile on my face, and living life to its fullest. 

hey there!  I'M STEPH!

As a photographer, I have been featured in:


I wear socks to sleep. (Weird, I know.)


I’m both a tequila and a cabernet kind of girl.


If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would easily be sushi.


I love being a devil’s advocate. Sign me up for a debate, and I will argue both sides.


I’m a HUGE Queen fan. In fact, my Fiddle Fig tree’s name is Freddie. ☺


I love driving by myself in complete silence. (Again, weird, I know)


I am an enneagram 3, through and through.


fun facts

My photography style is raw, real, and honest. I will do anything to make you laugh, and I promise to not make you feel like you are posing for prom, or reliving that awkward family photo session from back in the day. I want to make it simple for you, by focusing on the candid moments that naturally occur between two people who are madly in love. My goal with my photography is to capture imagery that tells a story for generations to come, and reminds people of the exact emotion they were feeling when I hit my shutter.

From the moment you inquire and book with me, I make a point to be FRIENDS with you. (In fact some of my closest friends to this day, were past clients that turned into friends!) The reason I do this, is so you’re comfortable with me. My intent is to create the most comfortable environment for you to be yourselves with me, so that I can capture the true you. Everyone has such different personalities, and with that, come different “relationship personalities”. (Examples: some like to be loud tpgether, and love to laugh and be sarcastic with each other, while others are quiet, soft-spoken, and love an intimate cuddle). Part of my job is to recognize your “relationship personality”, and adjust how I shoot and direct accordingly.
When I’m behind the camera, I don’t want to “pose” you - I want to capture the raw, in-between moments. I will be giving you guys “cues” (ie: whisper something sweet into her ear!) and actions to do. This helps you guys relax and focus on each other, and not the fact that there is a camera around.

My photography style is raw, real, and honest.